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Dr. Anil Jogdand, PhD

Research Associate, at NCCS Pune

I worked in the lab for five years, and those years have been memorable for me for my entire life. I have learned many things that have helped in improving myself. I am always thankful to my colleagues and Aravind sir, for their constant support in my academic and personal life. I always love to go back to the lab and interact with the lab members. Thank you, sir, for providing all the facilities and for being a part of my life.

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Dr. Surya Prakash Singh, Post-Doc.

Assistant Professor

P-NAS Lab has provided me the support and foundation for achieving my educational goals. I am always grateful to my postdoc supervisor (Dr. Rengan) for giving me a wonderful opportunity at IITH.

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Anindita Tarafdar, M. Tech

PhD student - research scholar at CeNSE(IISC)

During my one year of research in the lab while working on my Master's thesis, I had a great learning experience from the majority of the lab members as well as my Guide. Along with laboratory skills, I have developed the attributes of detail-oriented problem-solving ability and critical thinking to effectively understand and present facts. The experience helped me have a better grasp of the nano-world and prepare to face new difficulties and applications in this subject in the future.

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Tejas Borkar, Interns

Dissertation Student at CSIR CCMB

It was my first expirence working in a research based environment. As a first year undergrad intership, Dr. Aravind, Dr. Sushma, Dr. Tejashwini and other lab members back then served as a source of inspiration for me.

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Syed Baseeruddin Alvi, PhD


Working in P-NAS lab as a PhD scholar was a life changing opportunity for me. I had a wonderful experience working alongside my colleagues in the lab and having thought provoking discussions during the lab meetings which paved the path for research. Lastly, having Aravind Sir as a mentor is nothing less than a blessing. I have learned a lot under his guidance and whatever I have been able to achieve is all because of him. All in all my experience in P-NAS lab was really a memorable one.

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Tejaswini Appidi, PhD

Post doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Maryland, USA

The experience of doing a Ph.D. has been great and working with Dr. Aravind Kumar Rengan has been a one of a kind opportunity of learning..! The bustling environment of the P-NAS lab, interactions and association with all its members has made my Ph.D. journey more cherishable and memorable..!

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M.V Sushma, PhD

Postdoctoral associate

I am really lucky to be the part of P-NAS lab. Aravind sir is always inspiring and encouraging. Sir gave me the freedom to choose my research of interest. I enjoyed morning meetings and scientific discussions. Our lab has many collaborations it helped me to explore the research in various directions. Lab members are great supportive and friendly in nature.Since our lab is interdisciplinary we all work together as team. All the skills learned from P- NAS lab helped me for the more independent research projects.

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Rajalakshmi P S, PhD

Post-Doc University of California, Los Angeles

New field and new culture but are understanding and supportive

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Gayathri R, JRF

PhD Scholar (IIT Madras)

I have been so fortunate to be able to work in P-NAS lab, under the guidance of Dr. Aravind Kumar Rengan. As a starter in the research field, the actual experience of research at P-NAS lab gave me very important insight into the rigor of research process, the quantitative/qualitative dichotomy and taught me how important organization is in the world of research. It made me concede that research and academia is indeed a discipline. I got to learn and experience different aspects of science during my time at P-NAS. I am very thankful to Dr. Aravind Kumar Rengan for the opportunity he gave me. And to all my lab mates, you guys are the driving force in our laboratory. They have taught me a lot and I'll never forget the fun times we had. It's been my great pleasure to work with all of them, and I wish the best in their professional and personal lifes.

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Deepak Bharadwaj PVP, PhD

Scientist, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, NIPER Guwahati

Great place to work with a diverse group of researchers. The lab had ample resources to conduct high-quality research. I was fortunate to be the first Ph.D. graduate from the lab. It was a good experience to work with a brilliant clinician researcher guide. He helped me understand how to conduct high-impact translational research and mentored me to tackle things.

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