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Gayathri R

Nano-Bio Interactions, active targeting, cancer metabolism and metastasis, cell death mechanisms


Monika Pebam

Development of nano-phytopharmaceuticals for cancer theranostics using multimodal photodynamic-photothermal approaches.

my photo - Sri Amruthaa S_edited.jpg

Sri Amruthaa S

Radiation based Nanotherapeutics for Cancer Treatment

vinod shinde.jpg

Vinod Ravasaheb Shinde

Nanotechnology platforms for drug delivery and cancer therapeutics and role of photodynamic and photothermal therapy in cancer biology.

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Sajmina Khatun

Development of target specific protein/polymer nanosystem for  drug delivery, photothermal and photodynamic anticancer therapy.

IMG-20220815-WA0045 - Buddhiraju Hima Sree_edited.jpg

Hima Sree B

Antioxidants in cancer theranostics.

Dheeraj Dehariya - Dheeraj Dehariya_edited.jpg

Dheeraj Dehariya

Metal-based Nanosystems for Cancer Theranostics.

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Ajinkya Thanekar

Metallic Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Radiotherapy & Photothermal Therapy. 

photo - Sunil Venkanna Pogu.jpg

Sunil Venkanna Pogu

Metallic nano/micro composites for disease theranostics

nagalaxmi photo.jpg

Dokkari Nagalaxmi Yadav

Biodegradable nanoformulations for antimicrobial and anticancer applications

IMG_20230203_193248 - Mohammad Sadik Ali_edited.jpg

Sadik Ali

Multifunctional photo triggerable nanosystems for the treatment of infictuous wounds and cancers.

IMG-20220311-WA0018 - Rupali Srivastava_edited.jpg

Rupali Srivastava

Development of nanoformulation to combat against Antimicrobial resistance.


Paloma Patra

Development of NIR Light Responsive Cancer Cell Membrane Coated Nanosystems for Targeted Therapeutics of Metastatic Cancer.

IMG_20230202_182231 - Rounik Karmakar_edited.jpg

Rounik Karmakar

Emerging use of nanoparticles in diagnosing and treatment of colon cancer.

Kalyani E.jpg

Kalyani Eswar

Cancer Nanotheranostics. Interdisciplinary PhD (Jointly under Dr. Prabu Sankar Ganesan, Department of Chemistry).

Chandra Lekha Blazer Photo - Putta Chandra Lekha.jpeg

Chandra Lekha Putta

Novel Gold-based Nanosystems for Radiosensitization in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Therapy.


Nitisha Beniwal

Relationship and interaction of curcumin with radiation therapy.

Green - Sunny Mukherjee_edited.jpg

Sunny Mukherjee

Biodegradable theranostic nanosystems for skin and prostate cancer.

Photograph 2 - ANAMIKA VERMA_edited.jpg

Anamika Verma

Nanoformulations for immunomodulation mediated anti-cancer therapy.

jagga pic - Maddila Jagapathi Rao_edited.jpg

Maddila Jagapathi Rao

Nanomedicine and Drug delivery.

my picture with white background - Pramit Kumar Ghosh.png

Pramit Kumar Ghosh

Cancer Genomics and Cancer Nanotehnology.


Sreenath Dey

Nano-particle synthesis for cancer therapeutics and Computational Biology.


Pritiman Pothal

Nanoparticle formulation and different in-vitro assays'

M. Tech


IMG_20221202_170233_2 - Aditya Srivastava.jpg

Aditya Srivastava

Increasing Bioavailability of Metformin for Anti-cancer activity using Nanocochleates

20230130_120929 - Akshit Prajapati.jpg

Akshit Prajapati

High-Affinity DNA Nanomatrix: A Platform Technology for Synergistic Drug Delivery and Photothermal Therapy

Lab Manager


Kesavarthini D

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