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Patents Filed

​   Indian Patents

  • Bioinspired gold coated phage nanosomes and methods of preparation therefor IPA No.202341013944 

  • High Affinity oligonucleotide nano-matrix and a nanocarrier system IPA No. 202341006125

  • Encapsulated nano-formulations of Buparvaquone and methods of preparation thereof - IPA No. E-1/71710/2022-CHE .

  • A multimodal liposomal composition for Naja Naja Venom neutralization and a method for producing the same - IPA No. 202241024566.

  • Plant-derived fluorescent nanoparticles for treatment of cancer- IPA No. 201941030649.

  • Ferroelectric polymer (β-pvdf) for control and mitigation of  Microbes under small voltage signals  - IPA No. 202041050666.

  • Hybrid polymeric nanoformulation for the treatment and management of Retinoblastoma  IPA No. 2141/CHE/2020

  • Fluorescent  Polymeric NPs as imaging probe- IPA No. 032865/CHE/2018

  • Liposomal nanoformulation for treatment of cancer IPA No. 35668 /CHE/2018 

  • A detection kit for the diagnosis of cervical cancer by quantification of visual inspection of acetic acid IPA No. 016604/CHE/2018 (Granted).

  • Liponion as a multi-color fluorescent biolabelling probe. IPA No. 2368/Mum/2015 (Granted).

  • Enzymatically degradable Lipos Au Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics  - IPA No. 4910/MUM/2015.

  • Photo-disintegrable metal nanoshells for multimodal imaging and passively targeted photothermal therapy of cancer - IPA No. 4082/Mum/2015 (Granted).

  • Modified PEG-400 (mPEG-AA complex) and uses thereof. IPA No. 4134/CHE/2021

  • Thermosensitive hydrogel for cancer therapeutics and methods preparation thereof - IPA No. 23367/CHE/2020

  • Worldwide patent, PCT Application No. PCT/IN2016/000296 - Claiming priority from IPA No. 4910/MUM/2015. 

   US Patents

  • Modified PEG-400 (mPEG-AA complex) and uses thereof - USP No.: 17403964

  • Thermosensitive hydrogel for cancer therapeutics and methods preparation thereof - USP No.: 17325290

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  • IN5N8 Health Tech

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