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Plasmon-enhanced fluorescent gold-coated novel lipo-polymeric hybrid nanosystem: Synthesis, characterization, and application for imaging and photothermal therapy of breast cancer

T. Appidi,....., A. K. Rengan*, Nanoscale, 2022, 14, 9112-9123


At P-NAS lab we focus on novel ideas pertaining to the synthesis and use of various nanoparticles in healthcare. We believe in the ideology of multidisciplinary collaborations which enables us to integrate newer approaches. Nanotechnology has shown immense potential in tackling problems of modern medicine in recent times, but yet there remains many unanswered questions .........


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Selected Original Research Articles

  • Tejaswini Appidi, PS Rajalakshmi, Shubham A Chinchulkar, Arpan Pradhan, Hajera Begum, Veeresh Bantal, Rohit Srivastava, Ganesan Prabusankar, A.K.Rengan*, Plasmon-enhanced fluorescent gold coated novel lipo-polymeric hybrid nanosystem: Synthesis, characterization and application for imaging and photothermal therapy of breast cancer, Nanoscale (2022) 14, 9112-9123.

  • V.S.Mudigunda, D.Pemmaraju, S.Paradkar, E.R.Puppala,  B.Gawali, USN Murthy, VGM Naidu, A.K.Rengan*, Multifunctional polymeric nanoparticles for chemo/photo theranostics of retinoblastoma, ACS Biomat.Sci.Engg 8 (2022) 151–160.

  • Gangwar, Rahul, Karri Trinadha Rao, Sajmina Khatun, Aravind Kumar Rengan, Challapalli Subrahmanyam, and Siva Rama Krishna Vanjari. "Label-free miniaturized electrochemical nanobiosensor triaging platform for swift identification of the bacterial type." Analytica Chimica Acta  1233 (2022): 340482 .

  • P Patra, AK Rengan, Cancer Cell Membrane Cloaked Nanocarriers: A Biomimetic Approach Towards Cancer Theranostics, Materials Today Communications, 104289 (2022).

  • S.B. Alvi, R. P S, N. Begum, A.B. Jogdand, B. Veeresh, A.K. Rengan*, In Situ Nanotransformable Hydrogel for Chemo-Photothermal Therapy of Localized Tumors and Targeted Therapy of Highly Metastatic Tumors, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. (2021) 13, 47, 55862–55878. 

  • Rajalakshmi P.S, S.B. Alvi, N. Begum, B. Veeresh, A.K. Rengan*, Self-Assembled Fluorosome-Polydopamine Complex for Efficient Tumor Targeting and Commingled Photodynamic/Photothermal Therapy of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer, Biomacromolecules. 22 (2021) 3926–3940. 

  • S.B. Alvi, P.S. Rajalakshmi, A. Jogdand, A.Y. Sanjay, B. Veeresh, R. John, A.K. Rengan*, Iontophoresis mediated localized delivery of liposomal gold nanoparticles for photothermal and photodynamic therapy of acne, Biomater. Sci. 9 (2021) 1421–1430.

  • D.V.S.K. Gunapu, Y.B. Prasad, V.S. Mudigunda, P. Yasam, A.K. Rengan, R. Korla, S.R.K. Vanjari, Development of robust, ultra-smooth, flexible and transparent regenerated silk composite films for bio-integrated electronic device applications, Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 176 (2021) 498–509. 

  • K.K. Gudimella, T. Appidi, H.F. Wu, V. Battula, A. Jogdand, A.K. Rengan*, G. Gedda*, Sand bath assisted green synthesis of carbon dots from citrus fruit peels for free radical scavenging and cell imaging, Colloids Surfaces B Biointerfaces. 197 (2021) 111362. 

  • P. Das, S. V. Mudigunda, G. Darabdhara, P.K. Boruah, S. Ghar, A.K. Rengan*, M.R. Das*, Biocompatible functionalized AuPd bimetallic nanoparticles decorated on reduced graphene oxide sheets for photothermal therapy of targeted cancer cells, J. Photochem. Photobiol. B Biol. 212 (2020) 112028. 

  • A. Thomas, T. Appidi, A.B. Jogdand, S. Ghar, K. Subramaniyam, G. Prabusankar, J.R. Mohanty, A.K. Rengan*, Facile Synthesis of Fluorescent Polymer Encapsulated Metal (PoeM) Nanoparticles for Imaging and Therapeutic Applications, ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2 (2020) 1388–1397. 

  • T. Appidi, D.B. Pemmaraju, R.A. Khan, S.B. Alvi, R. Srivastava, M. Pal, N. Khan*, A.K. Rengan*, Light-triggered selective ROS-dependent autophagy by bioactive nanoliposomes for efficient cancer theranostics, Nanoscale. 12 (2020) 2028–2039. 

  • A. Jogdand, S.B. Alvi, P.S. Rajalakshmi, A.K. Rengan*, NIR-dye based mucoadhesive nanosystem for photothermal therapy in breast cancer cells, J. Photochem. Photobiol. B Biol. 208 (2020) 111901. 

  • S.B. Alvi, T. Appidi, B.P. Deepak, P.S. Rajalakshmi, G. Minhas, S.P. Singh, A. Begum, V. Bantal, R. Srivastava, N. Khan, A.K. Rengan*, The “nano to micro” transition of hydrophobic curcumin crystals leading to: In situ adjuvant depots for Au-liposome nanoparticle mediated enhanced photothermal therapy, Biomater. Sci. 7 (2019) 3866–3875. 

  • D. Pemmaraju, T. Appidi, G. Minhas, S.P. Singh, N. Khan, M. Pal, R. Srivastava*, A.K. Rengan*, Chlorophyll rich biomolecular fraction of A. cadamba loaded into polymeric nanosystem coupled with Photothermal Therapy: A synergistic approach for cancer theranostics, Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 110 (2018) 383–391. 

  • A.K. Rengan, A.B. Bukhari, A. Pradhan, R. Malhotra, R. Banerjee, R. Srivastava*, A. De, In Vivo Analysis of Biodegradable Liposome Gold Nanoparticles as Efficient Agents for Photothermal Therapy of Cancer, Nano Lett. 15 (2015) 842–848.

  • A.K. Rengan, M. Jagtap, A. De, R. Banerjee, R. Srivastava*, Multifunctional gold coated thermo-sensitive liposomes for multimodal imaging and photo-thermal therapy of breast cancer cells, Nanoscale. 6 (2014) 916–923. 

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Review Articles

  • SA Chinchulkar, P Patra, D Dehariya, A Yu, AK Rengan, Polydopamine nanocomposites and their biomedical applications: A review, Polymers for Advanced Technologies,  (2022) 10.1002/pat.5863.

  • NP Koyande, R Srivastava, A Padmakumar, AK Rengan, Advances in Nanotechnology for Cancer Immunoprevention and Immunotherapy: A Review, Vaccines 10 (10), 1727 (2022).

  • A. Padmakumar, N. P. Koyande, & A. K. Rengan*, Role of hitchhiking on cancer therapeutics, Advanced Therapeutics (2022) 10.1002/adtp.202200042.

  • N. Koyande, M. Gangopadhyay, S. Thatikonda, A. K. Rengan*, The role of gut microbiota in the development of colorectal cancer: a review, International Journal of Colorectal Disease (2022) 37, pages1509–1523.

  • S. Khatun, T. Appidi, A.K. Rengan*, The role played by bacterial infections in the onset and metastasis of cancer, Curr. Res. Microb. Sci. 2 (2021) 100078. 

  • S.P. Singh, T. Appidi, A.K. Rengan*, Biodegradable/disintegrable nanohybrids for photothermal theranostics, Proc. Indian Natl. Sci. Acad. 87 (2021) 94–106.

  • A. Hak, V. Ravasaheb Shinde, A.K. Rengan*, A review of advanced nanoformulations in phototherapy for cancer therapeutics, Photodiagnosis Photodyn. Ther. 33 (2021) 102205. 

  • A.M. Thanekar, S.A. Sankaranarayanan, A.K. Rengan*, Role of nano-sensitizers in radiation therapy of metastatic tumors, Cancer Treat. Res. Commun. 26 (2021) 100303. 

  • G. Ravichandran, A.K. Rengan*, Aptamer-mediated nanotheranostics for cancer treatment: A review, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 3 (2020) 9542–9559. 

  • G. Darabdhara, M.R. Das*, S.P. Singh, A.K. Rengan*, S. Szunerits, R. Boukherroub, Ag and Au nanoparticles/reduced graphene oxide composite materials: Synthesis and application in diagnostics and therapeutics, Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 271 (2019) 101991. 

  • P. Yadav, S.P. Singh, A.K. Rengan, A. Shanavas, R. Srivastava*, Gold laced bio-macromolecules for theranostic application, Int. J. Biol. Macromol. 110 (2018) 39–53.

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Book Chapters

  • T. Appidi, S. Mudigunda, A.K. Rengan* (2022) Cellulose Nanocrystals, Springer.

  • T. Appidi, S. Mudigunda, A.K. Rengan* (2022) Multi-Organs-on-a-Chip in Disease Modelling, Springer.

  • Sankaranarayanan S.A., Singh S.P., A.K. Rengan*. (2022) Theranostics: Principles, Materials, and Technical Advancements - BioSensing, Theranostics, and Medical Devices, Springer.

  • J.K.Gangasani, D.B.Pemmaraju, USN Murthy, A.K. Rengan, VGM Naidu* (2022) Chemistry of herbal biomolecules: Herbal Biomolecules in Healthcare Applications, Academic Press

  • D.B.Pemmaraju, A.Ghosh, J.K.Gangasani, USN Murthy, VGM Naidu, A.K.Rengan* (2022) Herbal biomolecules as nutraceuticals: Herbal Biomolecules in Healthcare Applications, Academic Press

  • SP Singh, AK Rengan* (2021) Microbial Interactions at Nanobiotechnology Interfaces: Molecular Mechanisms and Applications - Molecular Mechanisms Behind Nano‐Cancer Therapeutics, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • S.P. Singh, A.K. Rengan* (2019) Nanomaterials for Antibiofilm Activity, Introd. to Biofilm Eng. Part 6 - Nanomater. Antibiofilm Act.


        * - Corresponding Author

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Patents filed

​   Indian Patents

  • Encapsulated nano-formulations of Buparvaquone and methods of preparation therefor - IPA No. E-1/71710/2022-CHE .

  • A multimodal liposomal composition for Naja Naja Venom neutralization and a method for producing the same - IPA No. 202241024566.

  • Plant derived fluorescent nanoparticles for treatment of cancer- IPA No. 201941030649.

  • Ferroelectric polymer (β-pvdf) for control and mitigation of  Microbes under small voltage signals  - IPA No. 202041050666.

  • Hybrid polymeric nanoformulation for the treatment and management of Retinoblastoma  IPA No. 2141/CHE/2020

  • Fluorescent  Polymeric NPs as imaging probe- IPA No. 032865/CHE/2018

  • Liposomal nanoformulation for treatment of cancer IPA No. 35668 /CHE/2018 

  • A detection kit for the diagnosis of cervical cancer by quantification of visual inspection of acetic acid IPA No. 016604/CHE/2018.

  • Liponion as a multi-colour fluorescent biolabelling probe. IPA No. 2368/Mum/2015. (Granted)

  • Enzymatically degradable Lipos Au Nanoparticles for Cancer Theranostics  - IPA No. 4910/MUM/2015.

  • Photo-disintegrable metal nanoshells for multimodal imaging and passively targeted photothermal therapy of cancer - IPA No. 4082/Mum/2015.(Granted)

  • Modified PEG-400 (mPEG-AA complex) and uses thereof. IPA No. 4134/CHE/2021

  • Thermosensitive hydrogel for cancer therapeutics and methods preparation thereof - IPA No. 23367/CHE/2020

  • Worldwide patent, PCT Application No. PCT/IN2016/000296 - Claiming priority from IPA No. 4910/MUM/2015. 

   US Patents

  • Modified PEG-400 (mPEG-AA complex) and uses thereof - USP No.: 17403964

  • Thermosensitive hydrogel for cancer therapeutics and methods preparation thereof - USP No.: 17325290

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